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My wife and I were both blessed with being raised in Christian homes.  We would like to tell you how the Lord saved us and prepared us for the mission field.

Niles' Testimony       
I was raised in a Mennonite home in Belize Central America.  At age 10, my parents moved to Costa Rica.  There I learned the Spanish language.  As a teenager I realized that I was destined for eternal hell without Jesus Christ.  Upon this realization that Jesus Christ could save me, I accepted Him as my personal Saviour. Shortly after, I surrendered my life to full time ministry.  At age 21, I moved to Manitoba, Canada.  In year 2000, God led us to Golden Plains Baptist Church, where I am actively involved in many areas of our church.  It was here, in January 2010, that God made it clear that he wanted us to be missionaries to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.  Having completed the 4 year program of our church’s Bible Institute, we begin our deputation journey.  Niles' Birthday: June 8

Pam's Testimony 
Living in a Christian home, in Landmark, Manitoba, my parents were faithful, in attending church.  It was in my teen years that I bowed my head and asked Jesus to save me.  I thank the Lord for the musical talent He gave me.  I’ve been able to be the encouragement my children need while they learn music.  I see this as a great advantage in planting churches in the Yucatan Peninsula.
I am involved with being a team leader among the ladies in our church, as well as helping in the kitchen.  I play the church organ, regularly go soul-winning, help with the children in Master Club, attend our Bible Institute, and many more things.  Pam's Birthday: October 17

Our Anniversary:  June 19, 1993

Our Children



Our Language Testimony
Knowing the Spanish language, I have always been drawn to foreign people who speak the same language.  During the upgrading of my education, I met a spanish-speaking student.
He began attending our church and, during the services, I translated for him.  As a result, I began translating for the Spanish-speaking people who started coming to church.
My wife and I decided that, because I knew Spanish, we would have our children learn it as their 2nd language.
Now, as a family, we have Spanish Bible studies and game time, with the Mexican workers of our town.  This keeps Pam and the children learning more Spanish.


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